Zigzagging through space to discover the intimacy of relating
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Magdalena Ptasznik is a choreographer
As a presentation, you propose a book. What kind of encounter do you propose?

Bridging the idea of reading with the participation implied in a score (texts were created with the use of the notion of score), entangles the readers body with the text in an intimate way. Attending to a conscious observation is a very personal and intimate engagement. I propose the exploration at this level to let this ‘close to yourself’ experience—the intimate—be influenced. To engage with observation is to explore how you, on this intimate level, are in, and develop, relations with others (human and non-human). How do you perceive and perform your participation within structures? What do you attend to? and what do you exclude yourself from? I was interested and inspired by the precarity of the proposed format and situation. Will the reader try to engage with the imagination within the text? or read across it briefly? Will they engage with the choreographic aspect and relate the text to the body?
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